BABY OWEN by Joanna Crichton

Anyone who knows Erin and Justin will agree that they are some of the kindest and warmest people you will come across - so naturally their baby Owen is full of love and giggles.  Erin and Justin fit the role of parents effortlessly.  Owen is an absolute doll and you make a beautiful family. I am so happy for you two.

CANADIAN WINTER by Joanna Crichton

This love story is one for the books.  When Bryanna contacted me, I was excited, as we know each other from growing up in Orillia (and let's face it - if you're from Orillia, everyone knows one another).  Bryanna has always had a thirst for adventure and a passion for travel, as well as myself.  

We both happened to be travelling the east coast of Australia at the same time back in 2009.  We were soaking up the sun, dancing in the ocean, and taking in the salty air, when she met him.  She collided with Tristan, a local Australian surfer, and they haven't parted.  Bryanna has lived in Australia ever since, with Tristan and his adorable son Jyrah.

She gets back to Orillia when she can to spend time with her family and friends. They enjoyed this winter trip filled with skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and hot chocolate.  It is lovely to see winter with a fresh set of eyes, who appreciate what we sometimes take for granted living here.  Canadian winters are so beautiful and so is this sweet, sweet family with their little one on the way!  Lots of love from Canada, happy you have made it back home safely to Australia with your boys.