A Forest Wedding { Jenna + Daniel } / by Joanna Crichton

I know this wedding will be going down in the books as one of my favourites of all time.   When the day arrived, the weather was moody, the clouds covered the sky and the wind was howling, a photographer's dream.  The colours popped against the grey sky and wind blew the delicate fabric of the girls' dresses and hair, my favourite!  The backdrop included tall pines and rich greens, and the leaves were just starting to turn. 

I knew Jenna because she owns and runs Rustica, an adorable Italian restaurant in Orillia.  I had never met Daniel, until their first look.  It was evident that they had that kind of love everyone searches for.  Their eyes lit up, and the magnetism between them was clear to everyone around them.  

They first met in Australia, Daniel's homeland, while Jenna was travelling.  They developed a strong friendship before Daniel decided to come to Canada and they began to share their lives together.  I asked them both, "When was the moment you knew they were the one?"

Jenna, "Well, it was on the first day of his trip to Canada. It happened to be my massive family Christmas party.  He was so wonderful with my extended family, my grandparents, parents and siblings.  He even ended up sitting on my Dad's lap that night (my dad was 'Santa' for the party). I knew that we got along, as we had spent hundreds of hours talking (only a few actual days together in person at this point), but to see how he fit in with my family was what did it."

Daniel, "I knew Jenna was the one pretty early on, because I'd never met anyone that I could truly be myself with, and still have them be interested in me and excited. Jenna has this uncanny ability to be be able to read and understand people, her empathy is stronger than anyone else on this planet.  As such, I imagine this is how she seemed to know me so well, also understanding me and how I work in my quirky ways. This was all evident while I was still living in Australia and she was in Canada, where we Skyped at least once a week, and these sessions were at least 3-4 hours every time.  There was a true friendship that had started to blossom and I knew that the one I would be with for life, would be someone with whom I have this unwittingly strong connection. In my mind, there wasn't a single chance or a single universe where she wasn't the one." 

I am so honoured I was asked to document this day for them.  It was nothing less then pure magic.  Thank you Jenna + Daniel xo