The Perfect Backyard Wedding {Sam + Taylor} / by Joanna Crichton

I'm finally getting around to blogging one of my favourite weddings ever for so many reasons.  Perhaps because if I ever decide to marry myself this is exactly how I want to do it.  Sam and Taylor created the most intimate, chill backyard wedding, full of delicious food, amazing music, and lots of love. This couples creative talents spread to the entire family, while Taylor's brother painted a portrait of the bride and groom throughout the party for guests to witness. They included all of the little details important to them that have molded into the people they are today.  Sam and Taylor married themselves under string lights hung in the night sky surrounded by their nearest and dearest.  "We don't need anyone with a power vested in them, or a piece of paper to tell us whether we are, or are not married to the one we love," says Sam.  After committing to one another for a lifetime we snuck down to the lake and threw off our shoes. Sam dressed in a white lace minidress and Taylor in a blue suede suit, the two could care less about getting a little dirty to enjoy the most incredible summer night.  The sky was painted pink as we played and danced in the water. They made their own rules, which ultimately made for the best day. I am so happy for you both and will forever be grateful I could be a part of this unforgettable night!