NAIA {motherhood session} by Joanna Crichton

Being able to capture these special moments in life for my friend, Danielle and her sweet girl Naia is something close to my heart. Capturing motherhood is something that has been a strong theme in my work for the past few years, as I have been in the thick of it myself.  As mothers, we are typically the one behind the camera, so I believe it is so important for us to be captured with our little ones in a true, authentic, and real way.  The bond we share with our children is like no other and my goal is try and capture the purity and rawness of motherhood in all it's beautiful chaos.  Truthfully, I wasn't sure how most of the images were going to turn out as Lucy was with me and I was entertaining her on sidelines or holding her for every shot, but I am thankful for the outcome.  Danielle, thank you, as always, for trusting me to make with these precious memories for you both. You are beautiful xx.

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DEAR LUCY by Joanna Crichton

Dear Lucy, 

It has been one month since you, darling girl, came into our lives. Now that you are here it is hard to imagine life without you.  You are a strong and fierce one, my dear babe, you know what you want and when you want it (genes I am happy to pass along). When the days and nights have seem to blur together, and my exhaustion is at it's peak, you fall asleep on my chest and all is forgotten. It's an all-consuming love that you likely won't understand until you become a mother yourself one day. You are challenging me little one, which makes me appreciate all the sweet moments even more.   

After having your brother almost four years ago, I was a bit rusty with my newborn mothering skills, but we are learning to get into a sweet rhythm of each other. Freddie has grown effortlessly into his big brother role and my heart is so full watching you two together.  He kisses you every night on your forehead and says, "I love you my baby girl." Your brother is a gentle and kind soul who will protect you always. You are one lucky lady to have him by your side.   

As your Mother, I promise to always keep you safe, show you kindness, challenge you, guide you out of the darkness, stay playful, confirm your worth, feed your curiosity, and most of all, I will love you with everything I have for the rest of my life. I am so thankful that you are a part of our precious little family and am beyond proud to be your Mama. x

PRECIOUS HAYDEN by Joanna Crichton

It sure is amazing to see one of the friends you grew up with, begin a family of his own.  It was an honour to be able to capture these special moments for this beautiful family as they welcome their sweet little girl, Hayden.  These new parents couldn't be more in their element, so natural and relaxed - little babe is lucky to have parents like she does!  Their dog, Sadie, didn't leave Hayden's side, giving baby girl smooches whenever she could.     

BABY WAVERLEY by Joanna Crichton

I was lucky enough to work with this beautiful family for the second time as they came back from Australia to visit family and friends and introduce their lovely addition, Waverley.  This laid back family is filled with so much love and was an absolute pleasure to work with again. 

SWEET EMILY by Joanna Crichton

Just another day at the office, snuggling newborns.  This beautiful couple welcomed their baby girl, Emily, into their world, who is the sweetest little thing.  Capturing her darling facial expressions was pure joy for me.  Shortly after meeting Emily, I met her furry companion Mia, who stayed close by her side.

MAMA & BABE by Joanna Crichton

A morning with Danielle, aka Millennial Mama, and Finn was time well spent.  She is a beautiful writer documenting her journey into motherhood and keeping it real.  Conversations about challenges, triumphs, and overall support of each others' work made for a stimulating start to the day.  These two couldn't get much more adorable.

PRECIOUS by Joanna Crichton

Just one week old and Bowen is just the most precious babe.  He is getting used to his new surroundings and we were lucky enough to catch that adorable grin of his as his big brother cradled him.  This family is so loving and couldn't be more proud of their beautiful sons. Their adorable dog, Debbie, did not wander far from Bowen's side, which couldn't have been sweeter to watch.

BABY OWEN by Joanna Crichton

Anyone who knows Erin and Justin will agree that they are some of the kindest and warmest people you will come across - so naturally their baby Owen is full of love and giggles.  Erin and Justin fit the role of parents effortlessly.  Owen is an absolute doll and you make a beautiful family. I am so happy for you two.