OSCAR {downtown toronto family session} by Joanna Crichton

I have to admit shooting for other photographers can be a daunting task, but all my worries were set aside upon Scarlet opening the door. Her smile is warm and welcoming and her husband Anthony and her allowed me to do my thing in their space, which is the dream. Every nook in their downtown Toronto apartment is filled with sentimental items of their life together. It is the epitome of cozy, and it is the type of home you feel immediately comfortable in. Little Oscar is just the sweetest little boy, full of personality, and a spinning image of his beautiful mama. I am overwhelmed with honour to be asked to document this stage in their lives. xx

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SUNSET DIP by Joanna Crichton

Upon leaving their car this family, including myself, left our shoes behind.  This simple act confirmed to me that these people are my kind of people. Danielle is a friend, photographer and expecting mama of a baby girl.  Shooting for other photographers is a dream because they are willing to get down and dirty, or perhaps wet in this case for the shot. We wandered the forest lakeside as the sun set and the air was dewy.  Ending the session in the water was pure heaven.

DEAR LUCY by Joanna Crichton

Dear Lucy, 

It has been one month since you, darling girl, came into our lives. Now that you are here it is hard to imagine life without you.  You are a strong and fierce one, my dear babe, you know what you want and when you want it (genes I am happy to pass along). When the days and nights have seem to blur together, and my exhaustion is at it's peak, you fall asleep on my chest and all is forgotten. It's an all-consuming love that you likely won't understand until you become a mother yourself one day. You are challenging me little one, which makes me appreciate all the sweet moments even more.   

After having your brother almost four years ago, I was a bit rusty with my newborn mothering skills, but we are learning to get into a sweet rhythm of each other. Freddie has grown effortlessly into his big brother role and my heart is so full watching you two together.  He kisses you every night on your forehead and says, "I love you my baby girl." Your brother is a gentle and kind soul who will protect you always. You are one lucky lady to have him by your side.   

As your Mother, I promise to always keep you safe, show you kindness, challenge you, guide you out of the darkness, stay playful, confirm your worth, feed your curiosity, and most of all, I will love you with everything I have for the rest of my life. I am so thankful that you are a part of our precious little family and am beyond proud to be your Mama. x


I absolutely adored working with this sweet family.  Upon my warm welcome into their home we realized this wasn't our first time crossing paths, as we went to the same high school and have a few mutual friends. We played around their lovely country home in Oro Medonte in the heart of Autumn.

LOLA & THEO by Joanna Crichton

The day scheduled for Claire's outdoor family session in Toronto, was chosen by Mother Nature for rain.  We made the most of it by staying cozy inside and then was led to the backyard by Theo, her toddler, to play in the warm showers. Ollie, their adorable dog, was on our heels with every move we made:)

Summer Lovin' by Joanna Crichton

It doesn't get much better than this as a photographer - to work with such a charming family, whose children are all kinds of adorable.  We savoured the summer sunshine, strolled through the forest, and made some memories.

MAUI LOVE by Joanna Crichton

            My family and I returned from the magical island of Maui a month ago, which feels like forever, now that we are back in our groove at home.  My connection to Maui begins with my parents' love story.  My Mom and Dad met at McMaster University and shortly after saying their I do's, decided to vacation in Maui.  After only a few days of living the Island life, my parents decided Maui was going to be home.  They bought a condo and my mom began serving tables oceanside. My dad's hunger for adventure landed him in the dangerous world of Alaskan fishing 6 months, and Maui for the remainder of the year.  My parents savoured their new lifestyle, spending their free time in and by the ocean.  They fell in love with a golden lab puppy they named Maui Boy and brought him home, only to discover that their complex did not allow pets.  Friends offered them a place to live in the Valley - an isolated cabin without electricity or running water, and surrounded with luscious vegetation and a flowing stream from the mountains.  My parents jumped on the idea and threw themselves into the heart of Maui, relishing all adventures that came their way.  I arrived into the world shortly after, which certainly made country life challenging, but my mom said she wouldn't have changed the experience for anything.  We bathed in the stream, played with wild chickens, lit oil lamps during the evening, and watched the luminous stars light up the sky. 

             When my parents decided to separate, my Mom and I moved to California, while my Dad stayed behind in Maui.  We then moved to Orillia,  where we had family, and I went to school.  I have been lucky enough to visit Maui yearly since leaving, and am beyond grateful to my parents for starting my journey in such an enchanting place.  To be able to bring my son back to the island where I have so much history, is a dream come true.  There aren't enough words to describe the beauty Maui holds - it is so much more than a visual experience.  Landing at the airport, taking that first breath of exotic air and feeling the warm, tropical breezes is heavenly.  It is a deeply spiritual island that embraces mother nature and kind living.  Maui, you will always have a part of me.