ELISA by Joanna Crichton

I am beyond proud to call this woman my friend.  I have known Elisa since living together in University.  She is dedicated, hard working, giving, and oh so loving.  She would truly give you the shirt off her back in a heart beat if you needed it.  But don't take advantage, she is also a fellow Scorpio.  She wanted to step outside her comfort zone and blow her husband-to-be's socks off by doing a dare to bare session for him. She transformed her photos into a book and it's safe to say it is her new husband's favourite read;) It is such a beautiful thing to see your friend comfortable in her own skin and embracing her womanhood.  Elisa, you are absolutely stunning.

LACE & LIGHT by Joanna Crichton


When afternoon tea with your girlfriend turns into an impromptu photo shoot, you know it's going to be a good day.  With beautiful afternoon sunlight pouring through my bedroom window, I couldn't resist the opportunity mother nature presented.  Luckily for me, Sina is always up for my crazy ideas.  I am so thankful to have such a supportive and trusting friend.  My beautiful girl, you killed it!

SPRING FEVER by Joanna Crichton

As the season begins to shift, I feel more energized to explore, and was lucky enough to have Samantha Vessios, by my side. Making a new friend under the changing sun made for an invigorating day. As nature begins to evolve and bloom, I can't help but feel the same myself. With refreshing warm breezes, new golden silhouettes, and longer days, I begin to push myself out of the cozy comforts of home. How could I not?  



MEGHAN by Joanna Crichton

Upon meeting Meghan it was clear to see that she was a beautiful woman and throughout our session I learned so many cool things about her. This woman is a thrill seeker who lives for the outdoors, actively snowboarding, wakeboarding, horseback riding and surfing. She travels to Nicaragua and Costa Rica for epic surf trips and has a Panama trip in the works. She craves the sun and ocean and also has a thing for Fetty Wrap so needless to say we got along great!

A GORGEOUS WOMAN by Joanna Crichton

This woman is not only stunning, but is also a wonderful human.  She is strong, passionate and beyond supportive of people in her life, including myself.  She has been nothing but open and real since I have met her and I feel fortunate our paths have crossed.

One of my favourite things as a photographer, is to make women feel and look beautiful.  Thank you for making my job so easy.