Hannah + Rob by Joanna Crichton

I loved working with Hannah and Rob, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first babe. This talented couple are both teachers, but I also discovered that Hannah is an opera singer, while Rob plays for the Canadian rugby team. We nestled in the ambience of their cozy home, and then headed outdoors to enjoy the last days of autumn.

SPRING FEVER by Joanna Crichton

As the season begins to shift, I feel more energized to explore, and was lucky enough to have Samantha Vessios, by my side. Making a new friend under the changing sun made for an invigorating day. As nature begins to evolve and bloom, I can't help but feel the same myself. With refreshing warm breezes, new golden silhouettes, and longer days, I begin to push myself out of the cozy comforts of home. How could I not?